About Us

Our Organization

My Way Development Center is a diverse organization with over 20 different programs for children of all ages. Our programs range from classes in art, music, dance, sport to academic courses. With a team of friendly, qualified and professional staff we aim to provide each child with the opportunity to explore different activities that can allow them to uncover their talents, hobbies and strengths, leading to a more fulfilling future. 


At My Way, our motto is "Each One Must Shine" and we align our goals and teaching methods to ensure it. We focus on having a great variation of classes and activities so that each child can find what they love and shine in. We offer classes of varied sizes, including small groups and private lessons. In addition, we see to it, that our students reach new heights by performing and participating in city-wide concerts, festivals, parades, exhibitions and competitions.


Another important aspect of My Way is multiculturalism. We believe that our students should be exposed to classes that teach them about their own traditions and roots, and at the same time, educating and opening them up to the cultures of their peers. With a diverse and caring staff we are able to provide an open and warm environment where any child can feel welcome.


We started back in May of 2009 with just one class, Caucasian Cultural Dance. A year and a half later we added an art studio. As parents themselves, the founding partners understood the importance of providing children with different types of classes. The problem though, was the difficulty driving their children all over the city to different classes, so they set a goal to build a center that provides many different types of classes under one roof. By September of 2013, they had over 20 different programs with the number of participants expanding each term.


In the future we plan to expand our list of classes even further and add more programs such as an after-school program and a summer camp. In addition to currently keeping our prices low, we are working on starting a non-for-profit branch which will allow children from all sorts of socioeconomic backgrounds to participate in high quality programs. Also, we hope to open up more centers such as this one so that children all over the United States can be exposed to the multicultural worlds of athletics, arts and education.